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Science in Poland

State Committee for Scientific Research (KBN)

The main tasks of the Committee are: In short, the Committee combines the role of a "typical" ministry of science and technology with that of a funding agency. The work of the Committee is headed by its chairman the Minister of Science. The chairman is appointed by the President at the request of the Prime Minister. KBN consists of 5 ministers or heads of central offices appointed by the Prime Minister at the request of KBN chairman, secretary (in the rank of a deputy minister) appointed by the Prime Minister at the request of KBN chairman and 12 representatives of the scientific community in Poland, elected through general election by all academics holding a doctoral degree. From among those twelve representatives, two deputies of KBN chairman are elected. Each elected KBN member heads one of 12 KBN Units representing different sciences, namely: Decisions on financing research projects are made by the Units in consultation with specialists representing the sciences and technologies. The structure of the budget funding of individual disciplines of science is stable.

KBN finances research and research and development from funds ear-marked for that purpose in the budget and in accordance with agreed financing streams:

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