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Closing remarks:

Andrzej Wiszniewski 
Minister of Science - Chairman of the State Committee for Scientific Research (PL) 

After so many wise and nice words were said during the Conference, and particularly during this final session, my comments, my closing remarks, will be very brief indeed.

I'd like to thank all of those, who made this Conference a success. First of all I'd like to thank you for coming and for your presence at the Conference. Your presence was a crucial element of the success of this Conference. I'd like to remind you what Mr. Wolfgang Roth said yesterday in the morning when he started his speech. He started with the words "I love you" and he said "Well, those words became rather dangerous nowadays." To be frank, those words were always a little bit dangerous, but on the other hand, there are the most beautiful words which a human being may say. So, I say it "I love you for coming" and please don't press the button "delete".

I'd like to express my thanks to the speakers and to the contributors. I believe that all the points they made during the two-day Conference were extremely interesting and a very inspiring and all of us appreciated what was said. And I believe we will be coming back to our institutions to our home countries with the new ideas thanks to the presentations we could participate and listen to.

My very special thanks go to you Mr. Chairman and to your colleagues from the European Commission. Your presence and their participation in preparation of the Conference were very crucial.

I'd like to express my thanks to the sponsors. There is a long list of sponsors. This list you can see on the screen in the hall of the Conference. But I'd like to name only one firm. It was the main sponsor of this Conference - the Polish Telecommunication (Telekomunikacja Polska). Thank you very much for the sponsoring.

At the end, I'd like to mention those who put a lot work in organisation of this Conference. You know, logistic was quite a problem. And those people really put not only work, they put their hearts to make this Conference happen and to make the organisation very, very smooth. And there is a long list of those people. I shall not name all of them but I'd like to name only five names. The first name is Mrs. Małgorzata Kozłowska, Under-Secretary of State from the Committee for Scientific Research, the co-chair person of the Programme Committee. Thank you.

The second person is Mr. Jörg Wenzel, Director from the European Commission, again the co-chairman of the Programme Committee. Thank you, Mr. Wenzel. The third person is Mr. Zdzisław Stachura, Director from the Committee for Scientific Research and the Chairman of the Organising Committee. I'm afraid he's not with us because he is still working somewhere else on the closing of our arrangements. And I'd like to name those people who were in charge of the Best Practice Gallery. There were fifteen presentations at the Best Practice Gallery and I would like to express my thanks to Mrs. Grażyna Wojcieszko, from the European Commission, and to Mr. Paweł Gierycz, from the Information Processing Centre. Thank you. And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm. sorry to say, that it is time to say "Good bye". I do hope you enjoyed your staying in Warsaw. I do hope you found this Conference very interesting and I do hope we shall meet again soon. Not only on the screen of my computer but also in face to face relations and I believe that the European Commission will see to it that we shall have very many occasions of getting together and discussing the issues of our common interest. Once again, good bye and thank you for coming. 

The Conference is closed.

The Polish Government and the European Commission  were organising 
jointly a ministerial conference which  main goal was to highlight the  significance of the "Information  Society" as a factor in accelerating  and facilitating European integration. 

The audience of this two-day event consisted mainly of high-level 
representatives of European governments as well as people from 
the European information and communication industry and from the scientific community. Leading personalities from the European Commission (e.g. Mr. E. Liikanen), from the European Parliament and from the EU Council presidency had been invited to speak during the conference. 


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