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Outline description

The British-Polish Joint Research Collaboration Programme (JRP) was established in February 1993, following the October 1992 meeting of the British-Polish Mixed Commission, to support joint scientific research in the framework of mutually agreed long term collaboration between Britain and Poland. The Programme is jointly financed and managed in Poland by the British Council and the Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technology (Ministerstwo Nauki i Informatyzacji - MNiI). Grants are offered as contributions towards travel and living costs only. In 2000 the scheme has been renamed: Research Partnership Programme (RPP).

Applications can be considered from research groups in pure, applied and social sciences. The RPP is seeking to create a favourable environment for British-Polish collaborations that are likely to lead to proposals for Framework Programme 6 (FP6) funding.

RPP applications

RPP funding is intended to help build new British-Polish research partnerships or strengthen existing partnerships through developing new research directions. Projects which intend to help the collaborators prepare for FP6 or are in the field of social science will be particularly welcome, as will be projects that involve young researchers. Other projects are, however, not excluded. In previous rounds, there have been few proposals from female researchers based in the UK. The sponsors wish to encourage such proposals. The British Council and MNiI expect to make approximately 15 new awards in 2004.

Applications can be in any area of the pure and applied sciences. However, it has been agreed that from 2003 onwards priority will be given to applications in a limited number of fields recognised as strategically important in both countries. These are:

Whilst applications in other fields may be considered, it is likely that the majority of grants will be given to projects in this priority group.

Social science applications must be in the fields funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Mixed science-social science applications are eligible. Humanities research is not eligible for funding. Pump-priming projects that are likely to lead to applications for funding from FP6 or other international schemes will be particularly welcome.

Applicants must pay careful attention to the headings of the application form. All sections must be completed – incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications must be in English.

Applications must specify a schedule of activity for each calendar year (up to a maximum of three years). Extended periods of attachment to the collaborators' institutions cannot be funded under this programme.

Please note that it is expected that you present results in a refereed journal of international circulation during the life of the project. The application should also include a statement of how the research results will be communicated to broader, non-specialist audiences. (If this is not appropriate for your project, please state this clearly in the application.)

Referees and a British-Polish panel of scientists and social scientists will assess projects. These will be nationally recognised researchers selected by the British Council and MNiI or representatives of research funding bodies. The panel's decision will be final.

Assessment Criteria

Projects will be assessed based on three criteria:

Projects will also be judged on whether they are likely to lead to foreseeable economic and wealth-creating developments, or to improvements in health and welfare. This criterion, however, will not be applied to fundamental research for which potential applications cannot currently be identified. The selection panel will also take account of mutual benefit, the potential for longer-term collaboration and the possibilities of obtaining future funding from other sources (especially FP6).

Applicants are asked to take account of the following guidance:

Monitoring and Reporting

Project leaders are required to submit a joint annual progress report and a joint final end-of-award report (signed by both partners). Progress reports must include:

The progress report should not include details of research work undertaken and routine research results.

For 2004 awards, the first progress report must be submitted by 15 January 2005, and by 15 January in subsequent years. The RPP selection panel will review the report: failure to demonstrate adequate progress with the project will lead to termination of funding.

A final report will be due after the last year of funding. This must include:

The summary must be written in a style accessible to non-specialists and subject-specific terms must be explained within the summary.

All reports must be in English and should be sent in an electronic form (e-mail). Other forms of correspondence will be accepted in exceptional cases only. Reports must be made out in accordance with the Report Form enclosed to this document. All sections of the Report Form have to be filled.

Failure to submit a satisfactory progress report on time will lead to termination of RPP funding. Failure to submit a final report will lead to the collaborators being excluded from future MNiI and British Council funding.

Financial support

The financial support helps fund exchange visits that are part of an agreed collaborative project. Grants are offered as contributions towards travel and living costs only. There is no element in the grant to cover bench fees, running costs, equipment, consumables and other expenses. Grants are not provided for studentships or for conference attendance. The maximum level of funding in 2004 will normally be £2500 per project and should include at least a minimum of one visit in each direction.

Grants to successful projects will be paid in April 2004 by the British Council. MNiI contribution will be based on the existing mechanisms (statutory activity funds).

Conditions of the grant

Funding will be based on the following rates:

   British researchers 
  Polish researchers
International travel 
1900 zl
Subsistence and accommodation  
1320 zl one week
2640 zl two weeks
3520 zl one month  
£315 one week
£630 two weeks
£750 one month

  British Council contributes GBP funds towards the international travel costs of British researchers and the subsistence costs of Polish researchers whilst they are in the UK.
The Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technology contributes PLN funds towards the international travel costs of Polish researchers and the subsistence costs of British researchers whilst they are in Poland (through statutory funds).

Payment will be made either to the British and Polish sides in their respective currencies. The British and Polish project leaders are in all cases responsible and accountable for the correct administration of the monies granted.

The British Council and MNiI do not subscribe to any insurance protection for individuals or property in connection with this grant and cannot take responsibility in this context for any claims arising from activities carried out under this award.

Research groups who currently have a Joint Research Project funded by the British Council Poland are not eligible to apply for this scheme. Similarly, this funding will not normally be given to research groups who have been recipients in the last 3 years.

Applications for 2004

The closing date for submissions for projects commencing in 2004 is 31 October 2003. Applications will be refereed during the period November 2003 – February 2004. The Evaluation Panel of  British and Polish scientists will convene in March 2004 and its decisions will be advised as soon as possible thereafter.

For information and application forms please apply to:

Science & Governance (Mariola Ambroziak)
British Council
Al. Jerozolimskie 59
00-697 Warszawa
tel. (48) (22) 585 10 60
fax. (48) (22) 585 10 64
e-mail: Mariola.Ambroziak@britishcouncil.pl


Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technology 
Department of International Cooperation
(Tomasz Le¶niowski)
ul. Wspólna 1/3
00-921 Warszawa 53
tel. (48) (22) 628-85-30
fax. (48) (22) 628-35-34
e-mail: tlesniow@mnii.gov.pl

Application and Report forms are also available at the above Internet websites.

Applications can be submitted either to BC or MNiI. All applications must be in English. Please ensure that your application includes four copies of the application form, as well as that it is sent electronically to both insitutions. The applications must be signed by the British and Polish project leaders and include the authorising signatures of the British and Polish institutions. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Application Form

Report Form

June 2003

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